WCC 2018 Crowsfoot TT schedule has been finalized!

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    Short course TT (Crowsfoot, 14km)
    Dates: May 3rd, June 7th, July 5th, Aug 2nd
    Location: Crowsfoot road ~100m up from Sawmill
    Registration at 6:30pm, start time 7:00pm

    Any questions please post here. Crowsfoot was re-paved last year and is smooth as glass.

    40KM dates to follow shortly. 🙂



    Hey Chris, when they repaved did they widen the road at all, or add a wider paved shoulder strip?



    Hi Brent,

    The road is wider overall but when I was on it they hadn’t finished painting etc. There’s definitely more room and it’s perfectly paved. 🙂



    Thanks Chris! Much like the repaving and shoulder painting on Benjamin rd, we should probably connect with Woolwich township to see what their plan is for shoulder painting.


    Not sure if you remember, but on Benjamin the initial promise was for a 65cm shoulder, but after the first layer of asphalt went down they painted temporary lane markings and only left a 30-40cm shoulder. Club members followed up, and the township claimed this was a ‘contractor mistake’…when the final layer went down a 65cm shoulder was painted on. So, following up with this might be warranted. I’ll do a bit of research to see who we should contact.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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