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    Kevin Gibson

    Here’s an event that may be flying under the radar for many. May 21st is the Tour of Kincardine, it’s a “cycle for all” OCA sanctioned event. From what I’ve seen, it’s straddling the line between Cyclocross and MTB, but is likely a bit more cyclocross-bike friendly.

    Race website:

    Registration is through CCN, $49 for pre-registered adults, and includes a t-shirt. Race day reg. is $60. If you do not have an OCA license, an additional $8 is required for a single-day permit.!/events/tour-kincardine

    Kincardine is just under 2 hours away by car. I don’t believe there are any other events that day, just the Steve Bauer Classic the day before for the roadies. Start time is 10 AM, so if you’re driving you don’t have to get up stupid early to make the start line.



    I saw that too, Kev. But alas, it’s the long weekend, and I can’t make it…


    Kevin Gibson

    So I made the drive up to Kincardine for the event today. This was in fact, the very first edition of what will hopefully continue.

    The race ended up feeling very much like a cyclocross race, except it was just one long lap instead of multiple short laps. There were some rougher patches where a mountain bike would have been preferable, but that just gave some dismount and running / stairs practice.

    Perhaps it was still the hubris of using my CX bike for one lap at the 8-hour last weekend, but I got another flat. 6 km in, I was in 3rd place quite solid. Two riders were together up the course, and I was still seeing them ahead from time to time, and I couldn’t see anyone behind at all. But then, I flew into a downhill on a rough gravel road, and the water drainage ruts at the bottom pinch flatted my front. (I for sure was going too fast for the condition of the road) After a 4:19 tube change, I was in 10th. Pushing hard to see who I could catch back up to, I went flying when I went too fast into a long muddy, rutted descent. Full-on tuck and roll with my glasses going flying and my helmet making (light) contact with the ground. Get up, find glasses, push both brake hoods back in place. Get to the bottom of the hill, and find the guy who had been in 2nd with a broken derailleur, and another guy that passed me during my flat change with his tire right off and seemingly no way or desire to fix it. (my co2 was spent…) So back to 8th. I managed to pass three more over the remainder of the 20 km course, getting 5th in open. I finished 7th overall, as two of the sportive men got a faster time, since their start was later)

    For a first-time event, it was quite smooth. The course had TONS of turns, yet there were marshals everywhere, it seem the entire town of Kincardine came out to volunteer for the event.

    I’ll be back next year, and I’ve got space for three more bikes and riders if anyone wants to join me.



    That sounds great Kevin!

    If I can keep myself in one piece, I may take you up on one of those seats next year.

    Thanks for sharing your experience.

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