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    Kevin Gibson

    Substance projects is putting on a 2-race series, Stupor Cross. These are in the gravel race genre, with long stretches of gravel roads, some pavement, and some sections of rougher terrain. Typically, a cyclocross or gravel bike works best, though endurance road, mountain, or even fatbikes can do the job.

    El Bandito – July 22, Brimacombe Ski Hill
    New for this year, El Bandito has 70 km and 140 km options. Until July 14th, the prices are $60 and $90 for the two distances. Prices go up by $20 for each race on the 15th.

    Event page:

    Eager Beaver – August 12, Highland Nordic Centre in Duntroon Ontario
    Returning for its second year, Eager Beaver has a 50 km, 100 km, and 160 km. Prices are currently $50/80/90, and go up on August 4th. Here’s some forum chatter from last year’s event:

    And here’s Steve’s blog post about it:

    Event Page:

    Register for both events, and receive a 10% discount on both events. I’m in for the 70 km El Bandito, and 100 km Eager Beaver.


    Kevin Gibson

    El Bandito is 1 week away. Prices go up at Midnight tonight.

    Doug Dawdy is in for the 140 km.
    Taryn Davis and I are in the 70 km.

    Lantern Rouge is making us look bad, they’ve got 9 people registered already.



    Just noticed a tandem in the Eager Beaver video. Will ask my son if he is available.

    If not, I’ll be putting my road bike away after the crit this Friday and getting ready for the Cyclocross season on the SSCX and KindHuman.

    EB 160 would be a good transition.



    I’m hoping to do Eager Beaver again this year. It’s a great course and event. Last year I did 100km on my mountain bike (great for the bumpy downhills, not so great for the paved road sections!).

    This year, I have no fitness, so I might shorten to the 50km option, but just for kicks, possibly on my fatbike.



    Kevin Gibson

    “EB 160 would be a good transition.” Says the guy who just did an Ironman in the Alps. I signed up for the 100km, but I almost went for the 50 km, just to try and get a higher intensity in.

    Remember, CX is 45 mins plus one lap…



    Do you CX guys know something about training that I don’t? AFAIK, you still want regular long easy rides in your training program, even when your races are shorter. 🙂

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