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    Bien Tom !!!

    Or given that you are sporting Campy and Bianchi…Buona Tom ! It really takes you back, doesn’t it?

    The one thing I regret is throwing out my old 1982 Mille leather lace up cycling shoes. And I had an original circa 1993 pure wool GIS Gelato jersey. Put it in the wash and it shrank 2 sizes !!! While I have expanded 2 sizes over the years. 🙂

    Sure, let’s see if it’s in the cards again this year.

    I have to tell you, Kevin and I were riding “paper boy” style from one edge of the road to the other trying to get up not one, but several, 3-6 km climbs.





    Sounds crazy. I find my 12-19 6 speed cassette and 53-42 chainrings are ok around here. But I used to ride out creemore/ketelby way back when I was racing on this bike and seemed to be ok…but then again I was younger too!

    You just reminded me, I had a pair of leather marinoni branded shoes before I got clipless pedals.



    I will likely be riding this again this year. Wife’s BD weekend but since it is right by inlaws it usually works…

    My wife captured a great pic of some intense riding by the WCC and some laid back riding all in one shot 😉



    I just love that picture.

    Kevin and I are all retro and aero….and that dude is just cruiz’in with his button down shirt and brown loafers.

    Crazy thing is, about 30 seconds earlier, we are barreling down a hill at 45kph on 22mm tires on gravel. If you look closely, I’m in the drops with my head down trying to channel my inner “Roger De Vlaeminck” and that dude passed me with his casual-Sunday “lean-forward” tuck.

    Toras Mor 2

Viewing 4 posts - 31 through 34 (of 34 total)

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