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    Kevin Gibson

    I’ll be leading the Saturday ride. I haven’t decided on a route yet. This weather has me all messed up. Two choices:
    1. traditional gravel ride (CX bikes, etc). Gravel roads should be pretty safe, but it could be cold out there in the open.
    2. fatbike / trail ride. Nice and sheltered from the wind and cold, but lots of the snow has melted. trails could be rough if it’s just frozen mud.

    Chime in if you are coming and have a preference. Both my fatbike and SSCX are ready to go.

    I’m leaning towards more of a trail / parks / forests ride. Since there’s little snow, probably fatbikes or CX bikes would all be fine. I’m thinking heading west-southwest to find the trails on Queen street near highway 7.


    Craig N

    The Strava heatmap shows a bit of activity there on bikes, but quite a lot more for running. This might mean that the trail is rough, so should ride MTB / fatbikes. Or it could mean that the trail is too simple for MTB activity, so we should ride CX.

    There, I’ve contributed net zero useful information to the discussion 🙂


    Craig N

    Actually, I’m thinking that sheltered is the way to go. Forecast windchill of -25 could make for a brisk gravel ride. And my various bits have just finally thawed from last weeks ride :p


    Kevin Gibson

    Lol, yeah I’m leaning towards shelter. I have been to those trails once so far, I think we just had a light dusting of snow. I’ll be keeping them in mind for a summer gravel grinder.

    I’ll get a route up tonight. It will be on trails, but I bet CX or mountain bikes will be fine – but I’ll be on my fatbike likely.


    Kevin Gibson

    Ok, after starting, then deleting and starting over about five times, I’ve got a route. I kept trying to get clever and have us go from one side of the hydrocut to the other, but maybe that’s best on a less cold day.

    I’ve got us going through columbia lake (we can pretend it’s still ‘cross season), then all through the University, then Regency Park and a bunch of little urban trila until we get to Columbia Woods. in the woods., I have us going all over, because I’m still not tired of Columbia woods, and it’s so much fun. After that, some new-to-me trails through the Laurelwood neighbourhood, before finishing along the trail beside Bearinger.

    Event and route can be found here:

    You can click to “join” here:


    Craig N

    Awesome. You riding your fatbike?


    Kevin Gibson

    Yeah, I’ll be on my fatbike . At Least we got a bit of snow today.

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