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    Anyone else having issues not getting notifications for group rides on ride with GPS ? I see the routes but I thought we were supposed to be updated whent the rides start or if they have been changed or cancelled.


    Jeremy Haak

    I believe you need to RSVP for a ride if you want to get updates. There is a bug on RWGPS where the RSVP link changes to “I participated” about a day before the ride is actually scheduled. You can still click that text, though, and you will RSVP and get updates.

    Also, most club discussion has moved over to Google Groups. The ccnbikes e-mail you got after registering with WCC should have information about how to sign up for them.



    Yeah I followed the instruction on the links I have the ride GPS set up I can see the routes butni can’t see the rides or rsvp. Also in the Google groups I have Faction but can’t find Waterloo cycling club email link takes me to a create a Google account page which I already have but after that it goes no where I will keep playing around with it.



    Hey Hirun,

    I just checked CCN and our Groups. Access to the groups is just a timing thing…as right now we’re manually adding members to the groups when they purchase their 2018 membership (we’ll get this automated over time). Given that you signed up yesterday the manual add hasn’t happened yet. Bill is taking care of that for us and will have it done within a couple of days. When he does you’ll get an email with details on how to access and manage email preferences.

    Regarding Ride with GPS Access: In the receipt from CCN is a link you need to click to join our club account in Ride with GPS (you need a free personal account first). When you are on your home page in Ride with GPS you’ll see Waterloo Cycling Club under organizations in your profile left side panel. Clicking that link will take you our club account (you can also use this link: https://ridewithgps.com/clubs/1180-waterloo-cycling-club).

    Regarding Ride with GPS Ride Updates: The status of rides going forward will be in Ride with GPS.
    – tenative at the end means “not yet confirmed”
    – confirmed at the end means “good to go”
    – cancelled at the beginning mean “no official ride”
    If you RSVP for an event and the ride leader needs to cancel the event then you’ll get an email (it’s a manual step in Ride with GPS, but we’ve asked ride leaders to do this). If there are updates to a ride you might not get an email…this is up to the leader and would depend on the scope of the change.

    FYI…this version of the site will be shutting down around the middle of May. The forums will be available as read only via the new website. To see the new website now go to http://www.waterloocyclingclub.com.

    If you’ve ever got any questions just send them to info@waterloocyclingclub.ca (this is monitored by the board).

    Looking forward to seeing you on the road!


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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