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    Craig N

    Lol, yeah, I won’t be finalizing my tire choice quite yet 😉 But just wanted to get an idea of what other people were running / have run in the past.

    My bike came with tubulars, but I bent a rim, and haven’t bothered to do anything with it due to the cost of tubulars. So last year for a couple of gravel grinders and the SN I bought Schwalbe CX Pro clinchers (30c), mostly because they were cheap. They seem…ok. They appear to be sort of middling at everything: neither very fast nor very slow on the smooth bits; some grip in the wet/loose stuff, but not a ton; neither very heavy or very light at 405g.

    So just wondering if I should invest in adding another arrow or two to my quiver, or if I should just stop analysing, and focus on the weakest link (my fitness) 🙂



    Tire choice is something that CX racers will disagree on and spend a lot of time debating.

    I would wait till later on if you think you need to buy tires, they certainly won’t be the fastest and are relatively narrow for gravel and mud, although the aggressive tread should help. Unlike CX racing you won’t push the limits of the tire in corners in P2A and so a last minute switch is ok as you don’t need to try and find the tire limits.



    After thinking about it a lot, I decided to challenge myself and I switched to Wave 2. I’m just going to have to work hard on the training between now and then!


    Craig N

    Awesome, David. I’m thinking along the same lines as you, and will stay in Wave 1 and use that to help focus my training over the winter.

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)

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