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    Kevin Gibson

    I’m leading the Monday night gravel ride this week. With cyclocross season a little over a month away, I’ve got a somewhat technical route planned, with at least one or two planned dismount points.

    We’ll head north out of the mall, then take the Avon trail to Northfield. The Avon trail can be bumpy and muddy, with a small creek crossing.
    Avon trail stream crossing

    Then there’s a run-up a grassy bank to get onto Northfield drive. After that, mostly paved roads to get to Snyder’s flats. The route just shows a loop through Snyder’s Flats, but I’m planning on spending some time there. We can practice sand and varied terrain, and another stream crossing.

    After that, we continue on to Bridgeport, with some more opportunity to try some stairs and maybe some grassy fields.

    Then, it’s the grand river trail and some other city trails. I’ll be cutting through school fields and having fun slaloming trees etc, as we go.

    We’ll make sure to regroup, especially when we leave Snyder’s Flats and the Bridgeport Sportsfields. If you’re new to cyclocross, or uncomfortable dismounting and running stairs or steep hills, there will be ways around, or the group will wait for everyone to get through the obstacles(s).

    This is an official Waterloo Cycling Club ride,

    You must be a 2017 member of Waterloo Cycling Club to participate. Register here:



    Oh, man…..too bad I will miss this fun ride as I am travelling….enjoy!


    Mathew Gallagher

    I am in!!! Sounds like fun.



    Great course Kevin, especially the new track at Snyder’s, some of the Monday night MTBers would have enjoyed it as well. Saturday’s Adventure ride promises to be a mellow gravel ride with coffee and butter tart stop.



    One of the more eventful and memorable Monday night rides in a long time. Off the beaten tracks for sure. One of the better wipe outs seen in a while. Two flats (I had the second after we split to head home). Thanks Kevin for putting that route together for us

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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