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    Kevin Gibson

    Attention all newcomers to CX. The organizers for maD cross have given us a promo code for CCN – $5 off registration for anyone who registered for the WCC fall CX social we had last Saturday.

    If you got bit by the CX bug, and want to race some more, there’s still one more citizen race this year. Use the promo code “WCCnewbie” and get $5 off registration. Act quickly, registration closes at midnight Wednesday.

    The race is being held at Pittock Conservation Area near Woodstock, about 55 km, or a 40 minute drive, from KW. No special racing license is required, single-day permits are available.
    The Beginner men’s race is on at 9:30, and the Beginner women start right behind, at 9:31.
    After that, there’s a kid’s race at 10:20, followed by the open men and women (and singlespeed) races starting at 11:30.

    Registration is at ccn:!/events/mad-cross-citizen-race-2017

    The WCC tent will be there, and a bunch of the regular CX racers will be there to cheer, heckle, race beside, or offer handups.

    This is a great venue for a race, now in its’ third year. Check out the photos from last year right here:


    Jeremy Haak

    Heckled even in the registration!



    Looking forward to more CX experience – just registered. I put myself down as citizen permit with my club membership number — was that correct?


    Kevin Gibson

    Hi David;

    Actually you will need to get the one-day permit. e-mail Michael Jaffray and he should be able to fix you up – his email address is in the tech guide.

    Or try CCN’s 1-800 number


    Kevin Gibson

    Pre-reg list is up, WCC is by far the highest in attendance at maD cross -we even outnumber team “Independent” 🙂

    Don’t forget, day-of registration is also still available if anyone wants to try cross racing. They’ll be lots of WCC green jerseys throughout the race.

    Also, a few from the #singlespeedmafia of the WCC I’m sure will be racing the singlespeed category during the open race. I’m planning on doing a second race that day.

    HAAK, Jeremy
    SMITH, Greg
    TRUEMAN, David
    DAVIS, Taryn
    TATAREK, Sylvia
    DANIELLS, Robert
    ANGERMANN, Chris
    LAMBERT, Andrew
    BANNON, Matthew
    FRANCQ, Alain
    GIBSON, Kevin
    GLAUSER, Adam
    YELLOW, Chris
    FERGUSON, Tabi (Open race)



    There are a few other members racing for other teams as well.

    Chad, is joining us in the beginner race. That makes 15 of 61 pre-reg in the beginner race 25% of the field.

    Assuming I’m not to cold I will be racing a second race, haven’t decided if that will be SS or geared yet.



    I had a blast in the maD Cross race yesterday! There was a bit of overcoming fear: fear of the -7 degree temps at the start, fear of the steep descents with a turn at the bottom, fear os the sharp ascents and having to dismount partway up, fear of my first encounter with loose sand, fear of the overpass (climb the stairs with bike on shoulder, descend a rollercoaster steep ramp on the other side and fear of traversing a steep slippery embankment (won’t my wheel slip from under me?). Well, all the fears were for nothing (my hands did get achingly numb on the first practice lap, remedied with double gloves). I did fall a couple of times which was painless and harmless. And that rollercoaster ramp was no problem at all — just a psyche-out. My heart rate was pegged around max for the entire 40+ minutes.

    I did place almost last, but ahead of 4 DNS, 1 DNF and two slower riders. But I’m perfectly OK with that on my second cyclocross race of my life. If any of you have doubts about trying this exhilarating sport, give it a try — if I can do it, anyone can.

    As usual, thanks to all the support from the club.


    Kevin Gibson

    I’m glad you made it out David, and gave it a shot. You just summarized cyclocross in a nutshell: max heart rate the whole time, falling – which is always common, but usually harmless, just pick yourself up and keep going. And for sure some course features can be daunting, like the stairs on the flyover, or the sand. But usually after a lap or two, you can figure out the best ways through most obstacles.

    I’ll remember for next year, we’ll do some more sand practice. The volleyball courts at McLennan park practice on Thursday nights were closed this year for construction, but for sure next year we’ll get everybody working on their sand riding technique before the season.

    Also, kudos for coming out at the coldest CX race of the year so far – you really never know what you’re going to get weather-wise in cross season.

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