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    Like every other mechanical system, bikes are also exposed to the normal wear and tear that all mechanical appliances are exposed to. The efficiency of a bike is dependent on how well it is maintained. The more frequent the maintenance is, the better the condition of the bike is.

    Oiling and Greasing
    For a bike to move efficiently, there are many places that require regular oiling and occasional greasing. For a bike to move well enough, the chain should always be oiled well enough, to ensure that it moves efficiently. Greasing is also important when fitting the wheels onto the frame of the bike, although that does not have to be regularly done.

    Braking System
    The braking system of a bike is one of the most important components of a bike. The security of a rider, depends to a large extent, on the braking system of the bike. Ensure that the braking pads are not worn out, and that the braking cables are strong enough to sustain a prolonged hold. The best place to have your brakes fixed is in a bike shop.

    A saddle is a crucial bike part that needs to be in good shape, and in the right fit for the rider. A bike saddle can result to a hurtful experience for a rider. Ensure that a professional bike mechanic prescribes the best addle for you. The appropriate saddle should help you hold your weight even as you ride your bike. It should not cause you hurt.

    As well, regular changing of the saddle is important, due to unequal distribution of weight on the saddle, you may find out that the springs on your saddle bend to one side. A replacement of the saddle will help you in regaining the right posture and preventing further stress to your body.

    For a cruiser cykel that is in good shape, the saddle should always be a perfect fit, ad in the best condition to enhance the handling of the bike by the rider.

    Pedals are an important component of the bike that are also exposed to frequent wear and tear. With a pedal that is broke or worn out, it is hard for the feet to have a good grip for riding. Thus, it is important to ensure that your pedals are regularly changed to prevent accidents.

    For a safe ride to be guaranteed, it is crucial that a bike must have tires that have treads. This is important because treaded tires will ensure a firm grip on the road, thus enhancing stability of the bike. Make sure that the bike you ride is in good shape. If the tires are worn out, abike mechanic can easily install new ones for you.

    Rim Bending and Rebalancing
    With frequent use on rough roads, the rim of the bike tends to bend and curve, resulting to an uneven circumference on the wheel of the bike. Therefore, it is important for you to regularly have the bike rebalanced. Bumps and riding on rough terrains are the main cause. To notice a bend on the rim of the bike, you will find out that it is hard for the bike to remain in a steady line while riding.The rebalancing process may involve changing the spokes of the bike, but it can only be done by a professional bike mechanic.

    The best way to take care of your bike is to ride it in a responsible way. Ensure that you use the right bike for the right purpose. Cruiser bikes are only meant for cruising and mountain bikes have their own function. Ensure that a you regularly take your bike for inspection, especially if you are a regular user. Maintaining a bike is quite a tedious job, but it is not as much as it would be in maintaining a vehicle.

    Finally ensure that you have a lamp on your bike, in case you are forced to ride at night. A lamp will help you in taking care of your bike, and you will not find yourself breaking it for any reason whatsoever.

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