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    It is a busy time of year and so far nobody has volunteered to lead this week’s ride. I could squeeze in a short one (~2.5 hours) if people are interested. If someone is looking for a longer ride, then you welcome to lead.

    Is there anyone interested in a traditional “gravel” ride?

    If it is gravel, I would try gravel, but I’m anticipating that it could be quite icy. If icy, then I would revert to pavement.

    If there is no interest in traditional gravel, then I will include some trails which would mean fatter tires would be recommended.

    What are you sayin’?


    Mark Buckaway

    Well, I’m interesting in riding. Didn’t get out Monday. Kevin was away Thursday. 2-2.5 hrs is fine.

    If I there wasn’t something going on, I would have ridden to Sunnycrest Bakery or something (hint, hint). Yes, they have great cinnamon buns and the closing up for January starting 3pm Sat.

    I suspect given the snow, it would actually be safer on the gravel away from traffic, but I defer to the guys who have been doing this for years.




    I will ride. See you in the morning


    Craig N

    I’m down for either. Just need to know which bike I should bring.




    Not that I really need a cinnamon bun the size of my head, but once you’ve had one it is hard to say no…

    This is roughly 50/50 gravel/paved. It is certainly intended for CX bikes. There is a good chance I will be on my gravel bike, but if my legs seems fresh in the morning I may ride the tank make sure I earn that delicious nutrition. 🙂



    We did get some freezing drizzle last night. Treated surfaces seem okay. Untreated surfaces are pretty icy. If others are up for giving it a try, so am I. Apple Grove is right after the start and should give a good idea of how things look. If I don’t like what I see there I will turn around and head for home.

    Please let me know what you are thinking?


    Mark Buckaway

    Let’s Ride. Kevin and I rode in white out conditions two weeks ago.

    If things get too bad, we just take a shorter route to the bakery 🙂





    It is looking like snow is highly likely,


    Mark Buckaway




    Fun it was. I posted some photos and comments in our new public forum hosted in Google Groups in the domain,

    There will be private member-only forums to follow, so sign-up and provide a Google account as requested in the membership sign-up in CCN. See,

    Happy Holidays!

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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