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    Kevin Gibson

    Here’s the route for this Saturday. This week’s “adventure” will be exploring the G2G trail westbound after Millbank to Rd 129. Google street view shows “no trespassing” signs, but it’s from 2013, and the G2G website says that section is open.

    Anna Mae’s in Milverton will make a good refueling stop, and there’s a convenience store in Crosshill. It’s gonna be hot Saturday.



    Hey Kevin,

    These are my notes from July 26 when Matt and I tried to link the G2G in that section:

    “There’s really only the section to the west of Millbank open, The next section may be opened, but not anytime soon, it’s marked as closed and completely overgrown. The section east of Milverton is only partial. We also found a nice new spur from Deb. Glaister to Mill St. It’s all fine on cross tires, but more like double track until partway to Linwood.”

    We both seem to remember the No Trespassing sign in that first section west of Millbank.



    Argh. Should mention that was 2015.



    When I rode by west of Milverton a week ago, there was work being done… grading, and heavy equipment was out with a big roller (whatever you’d call it) smoothing it out. I went up and down a few concessions between Milverton and Monkton where this was in progress — so it’s likely worth checking out, and much smoother riding than it’s ever been previously.


    Kevin Gibson

    Aha Tabi, I think I see what you mean. Right in Milverton on Mill street, looks like it goes to Line 61 (which ends at Deb. Glaister),-80.908223,3a,75y,210.09h,85.69t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sTq7meiEEp94YQsUWYhtsHw!2e0!7i13312!8i6656?hl=en



    We’ll meet up with you guys at Westmount and Benjamin.



    From the G2G group they maintain the Google Map found here:
    The route condition marking is optimistic, I haven’t road out to Goderich (yet), but it’s supposed to rideable end to end by the end of the month.

    I last road the rail section in the ride last year and it wasn’t great, but easily rideable

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