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    Kevin Gibson

    I’m leading this Saturday’s adventure/gravel ride. I’ve got another “urban adventure” ride planned, with some of the usual suspects (Columbia woods, Stamm Woodlot, Laurel Trail, Forwell Trail, Sugarbush park). I’ve been out of town since Christmas, but it sounds like we’ve got good snow cover. I’m going to use my fatbike, but a CX with wide tires, or an MTB should suffice. I figure most trails will be fairly well traveled by pedestrians already.

    Wind is SW, but mild, and the temperature is supposed to be -12 at 9 AM Saturday. (much better than the -20 in Ottawa this week) Worst case if anyone needs to leave the ride it’s easy to get home. Sticking to trails and inside the city will also minimize the windchill.

    Let me know if anyone has trouble seeing the route. Still learning ridewithgps.


    Mark Buckaway

    Woohoo. Kevin’s back. We need a photo to post in the Midweek CC NYECX page.

    It was fine last Sat on snow covered roads in North Waterloo.

    -12C will be a nice day out. I guess if we find swamp it will be frozen enough to ride over it?

    Route appeared fine.



    Mark Buckaway

    8:30am or 9am start? Last week it was 8:30am…ok with 9am though.


    Kevin Gibson

    The “official” start is 8:30, so I’ll leave it there.



    Here is the club version,

    You may need to have signed up for 2018 for the enhanced features.


    Mark Buckaway

    A few things learned today:
    – a cross bike isnt a fat bike
    – one needs a fat bike for the urban trails rider (or a MTB)
    – riding fresh untouched snow through a field would be easier on a cross bike as the tires sink to the grass below (or at least that worked for me on the trail along Bearinger Rd before Westmount).
    – I want a fat bike



    I agree with your last point, Mark 😛


    Mark Buckaway

    Well, I solved the want problem. Bought a 2016 DeVinci Minus RS. Shimano 1x setup and mechanic disc brakes. No more running in the woods chasing Kevin and Bill.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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