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    Just trying to get the information out through all channels old and new that the WCC Spring Adopt-A-Road cleanup on Hessenstrasse rd is happening May 5th. If you can contribute 2 hours of your time we’ll make sure we provide a hearty lunch and drinks!

    More details available under the sign-up link:



    In the 3+ years that we’ve been running Adopt-A-Road, Carolyn, Kevin, Corrie and I have learned not to get too worried about the lack of volunteers until the “48 hours before the event” time frame. It seems to be a tradition within WCC to sign up with just 48 hours remaining.

    This year seems different however. We have only 5 volunteers signed up for a total of 20 spots, which of course compromises our ability to actually clean up Hessenstrasse rd.

    So, here’s a couple of last minute incentives. #1: Kevin Scheerer’s pulled pork slow-roasted BBQ sandwiches, which will be offered to all volunteers. #2: “the vegetarian option”…I’m going to be BBQing a whack of vegetables tomorrow night, and these will be the “BBQ vegetarian sandwich” option which I am confident will compete with the pulled pork. #3: you can have one of each food option if you like! #4: WCC has made a 5 year commitment to clean up Hessenstrasse rd, and we REALLY don’t want to fail on our commitment, and #5: who doesn’t want to experience the thrill of wearing a fluoro-green volunteer safety vest!

    Sign up is here:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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